More than 18 years MTI Security Systems successfully works at the Ukrainian market of technical safety systems. The 1996 became a year of the beginning of the actual activity. At that time, as a part of group of companies MTI, MTI Security Systems began the work in a format of specialized department which served retail structures, for the group of companies and partners. In April, 2004 MTI Security Systems found the status of the independent business-unit.

Today MTI Security Systems is the successful supplier of a full complex of services in the sphere of technical safety, namely: design, deliveries, installation, guarantee and service support of systems of technical safety.

MTI Security Systems has the following specialization:

Electronic Article Surveillance. Among them development on the basis of acoustomagnetic or radiofrequency sensors is considered as the most effective. EAS allows not only to reduce number of thefts in retail trade, but also to cut down expenses on the personnel.

Video surveillance. Being a key element of the system of safety and means of inspection and control, modern systems of video surveillance represent the whole complex of hi-tech devices with intellectual functions that are capable to provide an absolute excluding of thefts, strangers’ penetration at the territory of the object, to help with permission of disputable situations and, certainly, to minimize costs of safety.

Access control system. ACS is the complex decision as a part of hardware-software technical means for object protection, an obstacle of access of strangers, and registration of visitors. Specialists of MTI Security Systems will help not only to pick up the equipment under specific objectives and technical and architectural features of the object, but also will provide integration of ACS with other means of safety of the object — security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance.

Security alarm system. SAS is one of the most effective decisions, allowing to ensure safety and different inviolability of the property.
Security alarm system guarantees:

  • Exclusive reliability of operation;
  • Autonomous work of the equipment;
  • Obscurity and natural look in an interior;
  • Remote access to safety system.

SCS, LAN, telephony. Modern business is impossible without IT. The base of modern IT systems is formed by the structured cable networks. On the basis of cable networks the local-area network (LAN), IP-telephony systems, video conferencing and IP-based systems of safety are developed.

One of distinctive characteristics of MTI Security Systems is integrated projects management. As a result of using the best practices of PMBOK projects’ efficiency and speed of introduction raises, as well as their quality indicators.

Cooperating with MTI Security Systems you can be sure that the best technologies of safety and IT work for your protection, all the developed systems function correctly and chances of intruders are brought to naught.